Posted by: papapug | November 7, 2009

Im a model

mom posted new pics of me. You should head on over and take a look!

Posted by: papapug | September 4, 2009

The things I endure

geez.  And she (mama)  probably said Im a good boy and such!

CarterActually I am a good boy and mommy’s friend Carter is really cute.  He also drops ALL his food on the floor!

Posted by: papapug | August 25, 2009

People are … well I dont know

You have to read this ridiculous ad that one of mommy’s blog friends found! 

GRRowl.  This makes me growly.

Posted by: papapug | August 11, 2009

At least Im better behaved than this dog (sometimes)!

Adopt-A-Pet Disaster

Posted by: Kelly | August 8, 2009


Mommy tricked me into the bath today.

A Pug should not smell like Papaya!

Posted by: Kelly | August 4, 2009


Mommy took me away this weekend with Chico.  We left the dumb kitty at home.  Ha ha Janey!

I got to go on the ferry in my stroller, play in the woods and I made a new friend named Jack:

11 Isn’t he cute?!

I may have tried to pee on someone’s foot and I may have jumped up and made myself really comfortable on a couch I shouldn’t have. ..

But Im so cute nobody got mad at me:


Posted by: papapug | July 27, 2009

Hello Blogworld

Its me Junior.

I just wanted to say a quick hello before I go dry off.

Mama tricked me into a pond today.  Shhh dont tell her that it was ok cuz it cooled me off.  Im sharing this blog with my cat.  If she posts a picture of herself dont look too deeply into her eyes.  I think she may be plotting something bad!